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Work Related Robots in Reverse Chronological Order

There are just a few robots I have worked on during employment which I am allowed to show.


Robotnacka and a pattern it has drawn on paper. In 2001 the company MicroStep-MIS and the Department of Automation and Control of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Slovak University of Technology was approached to build a physical "turtle" robot for a Logo implementation which was quite popular in schools in Slovakia. Robotnacka was the fist prototype. I worked on it with Otto Kuzma and Dusan Durina. My major contribution to the robot was to develop the IR modem which enabled the communication between Robotnacka and the controlling PC. The communication link appeared as if it was just a normal serial line. I was inspired by how Ethernet works and the end solution enabled the communication of 8 Robotnacka/PC units within the same space. After I have left for my PhD studies in Australia, the guys have made a second iteration of Robotnacka, Robotnacka II.

To read more about Robotnacka and to see more photos including Robotnacka's accurate drawings, visit its official page.


Mobile inspection robot MIRO. MIRO's name stands for Mobile Inspection Robot. It is a remote controlled robot which sends back video. MIRO was a joint project between between the Department of Automation and Control of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Slovak University of Technology and MicroStep-MIS.

I have started working on MIRO with Otto Kuzma and Radovan Bakos in the Robot Summer Camp of 2000 which was organized in the summer following the first Istrobot contest. There we got a robot base plate with motors, a pan/tilt head and a battery from the head of department. With Otto and the help of Rado, we have built almost all the electronics from scratch. Otto soldered the boards, and I did all the embedded programming and the pan/tilt electronics. Rado was our electronics expert. The mechanical bits above the base-plate were made in the uni workshop by Mr. Mader to our specifications. Our work was helped a lot by Jozef Dubravsky who supervised us and made sure we got everything we needed.

MIRO is a front wheel drive, front wheel steer robot. We had current and speed control on the traction and current and position control on the steering motor. The pan/tilt motors were position controlled. Once the camp was over, the robot was moving. I got a part-time employment at MicroStep-MIS, and kept working on the robot and on other projects with Otto. After the summer ended, Brano Micusik and Dusan Durina joined the team and added radio control and a visual feed from a camera mounted on the pan/tilt head.

MIRO was a lot of fun to work on and got quite popular. MIRO even made an appeared on the national television once. You can see Miro on the left without its shell. To see more photos (including MIRO's shell made by Otto), or to read more about MIRO, visit its official page.

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