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Albert Diosi's Homepage

Welcome to my personal home page. Here you'll find information about robots I have built, research I have done and papers I have wrote.

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14/12/2011: Started experimenting with ROS. You can read more here.
A photo of a Roomba carrying a netbook and a laser scanner. A small part of an occupancy grid build using GMapping with ROS.

04/12/2011: The first test of Mappino v0.1 has been finished. Mappino passed with flying colors. Read more here.

12/2011: Started testing Mappino. Mappino is going up and down in a box. Will see how long it will last.:-) Watch 2 cycles of the testing video and a scan matching and homing demo:

11/2011: Adding pages for research, robots made as a hobby, robots made during employment and published papers.

09/2011: Adding a page for Mappino.

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